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Youtube Awards 2007

THE YOUTUBE AWARDS ARE have until March 19 to vote so get cracking:

Here are the categories:(I have left my ratings of the videos beside them[out of 10, deviating from youtube's 5 star system] and comments will be made on each category, by the world famous (& incredible) youtube video critic, Xavier Thompson - His picks on the winners can be seen at the end of a review of all categories).

Rating System
8-10 - Extremely Good
5-7 - Good/Ok
1-4 - Nothing Special

NB: Videos will be rated in accordance to their relevance to each category (eg. The videos in the "Creative" section will be rated on how creative they are, while in the "Adorable" section, video will be rated based on their 'adorability':) etc etc etc.

Nominees in "Creative"
How to paint the MONA LISA with MS PAINTfrom: EclecticAsylumArt 8/10
The Original Human TETRIS Performance by Guillaume Reymondfrom: notsonoisy 9/10
Women In Artfrom: eggman913 7/10
What song is this?from: OneManSho 10/10
How We Metfrom: tracecats 9/10
Kitty said what? - Morphing Kittensfrom: PhotoAnimationGuy 10/10

Xavier Thompson: "As the category suggested, all these videos are EXTREMELY creative with an incredible amount of time probably going into creating and editing these videos. Stand out was clearly the 'reverse' version of the National Anthem by OneManSho however almost all these videos were incredible and fascinating"

Nominees in "Music"
the vegetable orchestrafrom: vegetableorchestra 6/10
Harmonica + Beatbox: Final Cutfrom: yurilane 10/10
LISA LAVIE "ANGEL" In Fullfrom: lisalavie1 10/10
SCRAPER BIKEfrom: spencer7910 10/10
Mia's Own Song!!from: miaarose 10/10
"Chocolate Rain" Original Song by Tay Zondayfrom: TayZonday 10/10

Xavier Thompson: "From the ratings you could see how talented these indivduals are and just how competitive this category will be. All 6 nominees were VERY creative and original and the winner may come down to who has the most following. From the beatboxing of Yuri Lane; the pop song "Angel" by Lisa Lavie; the rap song "Scraper Bike" by Oakland based rap quartet Trunk Boiz(you could feel the 'hyphy'); Mia Rose's original pop-rock/adult top 40 song and Tay Zonday's "Chocolate Rain", choosing a winner was not easy. I honestyl think that with Lisa Lavie, Mia Rose and Tay Zonday having strong followings, they would be the front-runners but one CANNOT count out the outiside chances of "Scraper Bike" and even Yuri Lane."

Nominees in "Adorable"
Laughing Babyfrom: gsager1234 10/10
2足立ちfrom: mumucoma 7/10
Otters holding handsfrom: cynthiaholmes 8/10
The two talking catsfrom: TheCatsPyjaaaamas 9/10
3 year old Kassie is going to kick the Monsters ass ~( ask )from: skaughtiee 9/10
"NORA: Practice Makes Purr-fect" - Check the sequel too.from: burnellyow 10/10

Xavier Thompson: "...No comment. "

Nominees in "Sports"
balloon bowlfrom: davetheknave 8/10
Puehse Twins Skateboardingfrom: groms 9/10
TFB: 5'9 Best Dunker In The World:T-Dub-540 Dunk w/2 handsfrom: TeamFlightBrothers 10/10
NBA Finals Lebron Etch A Sketchfrom: etchedintime 8/10
66 Inch Jump by Adrian Wilsonfrom: IkeiUnderground 9/10
urban and freestyle trialfrom: priscadupontandco 10/10

Xavier Thompson: "That dude CANNOT be 5'9, those dunks are RIDICULOUSLY SICK! I'm 6'3 and I can't dunk anywhere as good as this guy. The final video was also very good with some extreme stunts, like riding the bicycle on the edge of the bridge."

Nominees in "Politics"
STUDENTS: A CHALLENGE FOR YOUfrom: davisfleetwood 10/10
Congressman Ron Paul Visits My Dorm Roomfrom: EmergencyCheese 7/10
HuckChuckFactsfrom: explorehuckabee 10/10
Vote Differentfrom: ParkRidge47 10/10
Stop the Clash of Civilizationsfrom: AvaazOrg 9/10
"I Got a Crush...On Obama" By Obama Girlfrom: barelypolitical 10/10

Xavier Thompson: "again....No comment. Just kidding, I thought the most EFFECTIVE and POWERFUL videos were the students challenge by Mr. Fleetwood and the Barack Obama's "Vote DIfferent" videos. The "stop the clash" video was also very EFFECTIVE. Now Obama Girl's video may not be exactly political BUT has got to be the SEXIEST politically influenced video and would surely get some votes for Obama, even if its for the wrong reasons."

Nominees in "Instructional"
Learn how to screenprint your own t-shirtsfrom: makemagazine 9/10
How to solve a Rubik's Cube (Part One)from: pogobat 9/10
Soulja Boy Tellem - How to Crank That - INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO!from: SouljaBoy 10/10
DIY - How to Make a Zine; Paper, Scissors, Pen - Rockin!from: SamProof 9/10
How to Charge an iPod using electrolytes and an onionfrom: HouseholdHacker 10/10
Head Tracking for Desktop VR Displays using the WiiRemotefrom: jcl5m 9/10

Xavier Thompson: "ummm, is there a question about who will be winning? Can you say "YOU!!!" I don't know about anyone else but this was by far the most helpful and practical instructional video. 'You, crant dat Soulja Boy...'. I must admit though, that Ipod video was pretty damn interesting. "

Nominees in "Short Film"
my name is lisafrom: sheltonfilms 9/10
Black Button - Short Filmfrom: DarkHeartProductions 10/10
Doll Facefrom: andrewhu 8/10
A tale of rockfrom: eightgr 8/10
POUND (a short film by Evan Bernard)from: EOG 9/10
My First Crushfrom: juliapot 8/10

Xavier Thompson: "Very creative entries. The darkheart, shelton film and ECG productions were the stand outs. "

Nominees in
"Commentary" Chris Crocker - LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!from: itschriscrocker 10/10
are you anybody's favourite person?from: mememolly 8/10
In My Mindfrom: olinkalex 10/10
AAGM: SHOW YOUR PRIDEfrom: WilliamSledd 9/10
LonelyGirl15 is Dead!from: WHATTHEBUCKSHOW 10/10
Gullible is not in the Dictionaryfrom: AngryLittleGirI 10/10

Xavier Thompson: "Firstly, is Chris Crocker on crack??? He actually looks serious...I hope to God he was only acting. Secondly, is Chris Crocker a dude or a all seriousness, I really can't decipher. The video is good though :). Cry On, Chris, don't let haters like me stop you. On a more serious note, the video "In My Mind" is really touching and had me spellbound. Makes you realize how lucky we are that we have friends and support from others. What the Buck is always hilarious for some reason. AngrylittlegirlI's video is very thought provoking plus she's pretty decent looking."

Nominees in
"Inspirational" Four Eyed Monsters - Watch entire 71 min award winning filmfrom: foureyedmonsters 9/10
Blind Painterfrom: texascountryreporter 9/10
STAND UP for WORLD PEACE (Created by Trevor Dougherty)from: maddogza 9/10
Randy Pausch Lecture: Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreamsfrom: carnegiemellonu 9/10
A Vision of Students Todayfrom: mwesch 10/10
I AM A MUSLIM!from: Muradaldin 9/10

Xavier Thompson: "As the name suggests, they are all pretty inspirational. "

Nominees in "Comedy"
Let Me Borrow That Topfrom: liamkylesullivan 10/10
Potter Puppet Pals in "The Mysterious Ticking Noise"from: NeilCicierega 8/10
PARIS IN JAIL: The Music Videofrom: omovies 9/10
Powerthirstfrom: picnicface 8/10
David Blaine Street Magic Part 3from: ThoseLilRabbits 10/10
Mario: Game Overfrom: P0YKPAC 10/10

Xavier Thompson: "Stand outs were, "let me borrow that top", "street magic" and "mario:game over". Now while none were overly hilarious, credit must be given to these videos (and "Paris in Jail") for their creativity. "

Nominees in "Eyewitness"
Battle at Krugerfrom: Jason275 10/10
University of Florida student Tasered at Kerry forumfrom: GainesvilleSun 10/10
INCREDIBLE TORNADO VIDEO!! May 4, 2007 - Ellis Co., OKfrom: TornadoVideosdotnet 10/10
Lightning Strike - Up Closefrom: utherexplorer 10/10
WITCH FIRE SAN DIEGOfrom: ryanremigiodotcom 10/10


Nominees in "Series"
Naked Gay Ted: net_workfrom: wwwBLACK20com 9/10
DINOSAUR - Part Twofrom: waverlyflams 8/10
Elevator - Musicfrom: Manintheboxshow 7/10
The Guild - Episode 1: Wake-Up Callfrom: watchtheguild 10/10
"How To Seduce Women" Paul Rudd and David Wainfrom: MyDamnChannel 10/10
Street Fighter: The Later Years - Part 3from: collegehumor 10/10

Xavier Thompson: "Definately one of the most interesting categories, this will not disappoint. From the twisted idelogy of "How to Seduce Women"(it's cocky + funny guys), to the super nerds from "The Guild" to the exploits of retired "Street Fighters" all make for good laughs. "


What song is this?
Laughing Baby
TFB: 5'9 Best Dunker In The Wo...
Vote Different
Soulja Boy Tellem - How to Cra...
Short Film
Black Button - Short Film
Gullible is not in the Diction...
A Vision of Students Today
University of Florida student ...
Let Me Borrow That Top
"How To Seduce Women" Paul Rud...

...and watch the nominees. Then click on the box next to your favorite video OR hit "Vote For This Video." You may not change your vote on the same day, but you can vote again the next day for any video you like. Voting continues through March 19, 2008youtub

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